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Don’t Worry About The Economy: The World Is A Happy Place, Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The LOLCats

08.26.08 by Matty | Comment? | Digg This

The world is a happier place today than it was last year, according to the 2008 World Values Survey. As proof, they offer this compelling photo gallery of happy people. Devout academics have circumnavigated the globe for 27 years to measure statistical response to scientific questions like “So, how’s things?”, but they have historically found no meaningful correlation to income, fast cars, availability of breast implants or diamond-studded watches per capita.

We at the Public School Intelligentsia Policy Institute hereby dub our theory the LOLCat effect.

After arduous minutes spent theorizing on increased world happiness, we focused on global developments in the recent past. The most significant change in the past two years, we realized, has gone completely overlooked by these bookish geeks with their hoity-toity “statistics.” The emergence of LOLcats and other hilarious internet memes has lightened the mood and created global camaraderie. Who, we ask, who in the world doesn’t love spaghetti cat?

The LOLCat Effect explained after the jump.

As a side effect of increasing access to high-speed internet connections, people have more time to read forwarded emails, look at funny pictures, watch humorous videos on YouTube, and share their positive experiences with others on readily-available free blogs. Easy access to happiness-increasing sites like icanhascheezburger, CuteOverload and the FAIL Blog has made its mark on global happiness. As we at PSI have long suspected, CUTE KITTEHS = GLOBAL WELL BEING.

The study found some corroborating evidence — for example, dirt poor countries aren’t happy at all, and they have zero access to LOLcats. Europe, however, where LOLcats are highly available, was much happier. There was also some stuff about healthcare and equality and tolerance, and we’re working day and night to prove that LOLcats are the cause of those things, too.

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