Lifestyles of the Bitch and Blog Famous

And there goes the last media job: Lil’ Wayne gets a blog. If Prezbalewski were an English teacher, he’d be so proud.

09.26.08 by Ande | 2 Comments | Digg This

(Can you tell what season I’m at on The Wire?)
Besides being a successfully commercial rapper that repeats the same three words over and over again (doesn’t anyone aspire to be the next Jay Z?) Lil Wayne has gone and gotten himself a writing job at ESPN.com.

His blog post reads like an imbecile’s diary entry of his week watching football. We’re sure Lil’s poor editor must have scratched his own eyes out after removing an endless amount of “and thens” from the post. Wayne at one point tells a story about playing football as a child. I thought, this is where the blog could get cute – but instead the story makes no sense and is an epic FAIL. He closes by saying “That’s my favorite sports memory for myself.” Ugh, COME! ON!

Meanwhile, I am sitting around in my pajamas all day long crying into my cereal bowl and stalking job search websites. And I know how to use my words! No fucking justice! Fuck you Lil Wayne for taking a job from a writer. I’m going to get me a grill and start sucking on the mic.

That’s right, shawty wanna thug, biatch!


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