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Your Italian Grandfather Would Still Disown You If You Tried To Take Him There

07.16.08 by Sarah | 3 Comments | Digg This

Hef is under the impression that Playboy “readers” have a burning desire to see Olive Garden servers and hostesses in the altogether. Apparently one of his girls–you know, the blonde one!–whose favorite restaurant it is, is always telling him that the food isn’t the only tasty thing there! Because being the kind of woman who thinks a) Olive Garden is the ultimate food experience, and b) Boning an octogenarian Viagra addict is a great career choice is now allowed to be an arbiter of class and taste.

I can’t improve on what Alex Balk has to say about it:

I haven’t clicked through, but if this is at all consistent I expect it to be a collection of deracinated and uninspired naked women made bland beyond belief for the unadventurous palates of the American porn consumer. On the plus side, there’s probably much more of it that you’d ever want. Or need.

…except possibly to add “and smothered in cheese”. Probably not literally; but after decades of allowing most of his blood supply to pool in his dick, Hef must be pretty senile by now, so you never know.

This was the natural next step for Playboy, having already filled its “Girls Of…” series with Hooters, Wal-Mart, Starbucks, McDonalds, Enron, MySpace, TechTV, Video Games, Fear Factor, Poker, Motocross, Reality TV, The Internet, Hard Rock Cafe, and… um… Playboy.

(PS, they’re scouting for The Girls of Golf this weekend in Vancouver, if you want to show off your skills with a three wood.)


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