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Postcards From The Isle of Irrelevancy: ‘Esquire’ is a “big fucking star”

10.07.08 by Natasha | 1 Comment | Digg This

Esquire’s descent in complete suck has been accelerated by their shameless self-congratulation. The smart cookie Matt Harber over at the Observer’s Daily sighs:

As if the blog world weren’t bleak enough with layoffs and a few well-compensated sites hoarding traffic and precious memes, now mainstream media outlets are chipping away at bloggers’ quotas by doing their posts for them. Esquire‘s Web site has a feature about the making of its current cover, which features Halle Berry posed like Bill Clinton from the magazine’s December 2000 issue.

We balked at Esquire’s cover tactic a little while back (before any one read this delightful blog!), and in the spirit of re-hasing your own bullshit, I just want to re-broadcast my weighty disapproval. And I quote:

Nothing screams relevance like self-aggrandizing nostalgia! This is much like a coked-out and bloated Dirk Diggler trying to relive his glory days by masturbating furiously in front of a mirror. Trying desperately to prove to himself and others that’s he’s still got “it”. What made Esquire’s great covers great was daring, innovation, pushing the envelope and tapping into the zeitgeist. Hey, Esquire! Want to channel your heydey? DO SOMETHING NEW.

image via Esquire, obvs.

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