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Let Us Now Hate Semi-Famous Men: DEAN REYNOLDS, The Douche-raker

10.10.08 by Natasha | 1 Comment | Digg This

Do you hear that? That wet, flapping sound? Don’t be alarmed friends! It’s just the the sound of one old-media prick being an insufferably entitled docuhe bag. Dean Reynolds, a campaign correspondent for CBS recently saddled up to the to world wide web to type up a little missive about, as he called it, “How the Other Half Lives.”

Quick point of reference! How the Other Half Lives is the title of a book published in the late 1890 that acutely captured the squalor of New York tenement life. It’s considered to be the finest example of American muckraking. It’s a disturbing expose of American poverty, violence, and naked anguish.  With stunning pictures!

So Reynolds snatched the historic title and slapped together a laundry list of gripes about the arduous life of a MSM campaign reporter: you know all the private jets, hotels, plush buses, etc.

Baggage calls are preposterously early with the explanation that it’s all for security reasons…The McCain campaign plane is better than Obama’s, which is cramped, uncomfortable and smells terrible most of the time. Somehow the McCain folks manage to keep their charter clean, even where the press is seated.

It goes on like this. And gets SO much worse. But was this just a moment blistering satire of Swiftian proportions? Nope! This is the subsidized droppings of an “asinine” member of the media elite. Thank fucking Christ brethren of Blogistan caught onto this and are now railing against him.

Read their hilariously scathing highlights after the jump!

Anna Marie Cox, via Jezebel

To anyone complaining in public and unironically about pretty much anything inconvenient about life on the trail gets one response from me: I bet they deliver the luggage right on time in Baghdad, asshole. Seriously: More journalists have died covering that illegal war than any other international conflict. So if you are unsatisfied with the food in the file center, I am sorry. And this is just staying in the realm of “other bad jobs IN JOURNALISM you could have.”

Fishbowl LA

He, however, is a complainer. An uninteresting one at that. He’s the dude you hate to get stuck in line with at the airport because he makes a bad situation – unbearable. “Can you believe we’re getting treated like this?” “Yeah, I can’t believe no one has beaten you yet.”

Marc Cooper: 30 year award winning journalist/ Dude who pays my Am-ex billz

Someone buy Dean Reynolds a first-class ticket, please. It can be to anywhere, as long as it is a one-way journey. It’s no wonder that the profession of journalist is eroding before our eyes. Good riddance as the citizenry seizes the means of publication! I love it when I’m asked if we can really trust ordinary people to perform with the same seriousness and gravity as professional reporters. Like Mr. Reynolds, you mean?

Alex Balk

so he very well may not be the kind of colossal twat who spouts on about the valuable role of the fourth estate in keeping politicians honest. Perhaps he isn’t the type of mammoth cunt who considers himself a crucial conduit between the electorate and those whom they choose to represent them. It’s quite possible that he is in no way the sort of epic asshole whose sense of self worth is completely invested in some outdated paradigm of a hard-charging muckraker who draws back the curtain to let the light shine in on those dark areas of the body politic that our functional oligarchy would rather keep concealed.

Other Qualified Journalists via Radar

“Every other reporter I talk to thinks the the column was asinine.”

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