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Our Hearts Have Finally Caught Up With Our DVRs: Goodbye To Project Runway

10.17.08 by W.B. Mook | 3 Comments | Digg This

The question we are all left asking ourselves in this mauve colored hang over:

Was it enough that Leanne was using renewable textiles?

I mean, is that “in your face” enough to pass as innovation these days? When Heidi remarked that she could see that they were all “very passionate” about fashion, Leanne’s eyes were the driest in the house. In spite of her collection, though, Leanne is not the kind of woman to make big waves in the industry.

Fourteen weeks of feeling vaguely ashamed of myself for my interest in Project Runway have finally come to their logical conclusion. A winner has been crowned and I may never have to see Keith or Daniel trying to sell me a new Saturn. Even though Leanne’s victory has been describe as a triumph of good over evil I still can’t manage to get that excited about her, the collection, or the prospect of her winning. Entertainment Weekly’s Pop Watch chalks the whole thing up to the devilish plans of the Weinsteins to poison Bravo to spite them or to help them envision a primetime without PR, but I think it’s simply proof that the judges and the producers are still a little gun-shy.

At the very beginning, I think fans of Proje
ct Runway were fascinated by the punk rock scenario of some weirdo off the streets making it big in the insider world of fashion. Through talent, luck, or force of will, they were going to shake things up and make people at expensive dinner parties very uncomfortable. Jay McCarroll or PR:Canada’s Biddell were perfect examples of this. Leanne, like Christian before her, obviously has the sewing and design chops to make it to the end of the line. Unlike Christian, though, Leanne is not some punk kid right out of school– she already has her own line. Iteration by iteration, the distance that the Runway gods have elevated their designers has steadily declined as the experience and standing of the contestants has risen.


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