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Girl With the Most Cake: Hey Brit, How About You Share Your Comeback With Someone More Deserving of One

10.20.08 by Ande | 1 Comment | Digg This

What did Britney come back with? A song. That while kind of catchy, is basically repeating one word over and over again. Greasy and naked does not a new angle make. Boring! We think Brit is undeserving of her comeback. Instead, we are cheering for Courtney Love to make hers.

In order for a comeback to succeed one has to undergo the following:

1. A public figure must fall from public graces via addiction or general unflattering lifestyle.

2. Said public figure must come back with something interesting to share.

In the 90s, Post Cobain suicide, pre-nose, and other bodily jobs Love sashayed across the music landscape postulating a slew of rage fit for a heroin addicted widowed mother of a toddler. Whether you loved her or hated her, she was there. In your face, wearing smeared lipstick and throwing makeup at Madonna. Courntey Love is smart. Crazy, but smart. When she’s not all kinds of fucked up on something, she’s charismatic and articulate, a second wave feminist who once inspired pre-internet girls to write zines and be angry about something besides bad skin and boys. And she rocked. Hole’s Live Through This was my late high school, early college mantra.

She got clean after that album and went on to get her face fixed up a bit and appeared in a few movies. To some, the sheer thought of Courtney Love wearing couture, marching red carpet lines and shmoozing it up with Steve Kmetko would have made Kurt Cobain roll over in his grave. To everyone else, it was a great fucking comeback. Yes, she was once a fucked up junkie screeching into a microphone, but now she’s a movie star, and a pretty good one at that.

But where has Ms. Love been lately? With her jibberish blogs, it is safe to assume she is somewhere between kinda sober sometimes, and totally not at all. When she’s loaded, she’s the funniest train wreck around. And because of that we are hoping for two things from our dear Ms. Love – either a full blown recovery – new album, film roles, reconnection with former BFF Drew Barrymore, etc. – or a full blown public binge. We’re not total sadists, but passing out at a kid’s birthday party in Malibu with meth in your pocket and wearing a bra outside your shirt will hopefully lead to a successful stint at Promises. So in the meantime, why not give us a few good headlines in these dark economic times. Again, we keed, we keed. Sort of.

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