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Democracy’s Leathery Cheerleader: A Passionate Defense of Chris Matthews

10.27.08 by Natasha | 8 Comments | Digg This

Ok So. Chris Matthews is hooky, a bit conservative, anachronistic, and politically incorrect. BUT! if you like astute, honest, political analysis, and the sound of clanking balls of steel, then you should adore Cee Matt too! He loves to rip apart the discrepancies of politicos, surrogates, and other hacks. And he does it well. You can thank his tenacity for this delightful de-pantsing and de-funding of Rep. Bachmann.

He’s a pundit –not a journalist. And as far as punditry goes I think he’s the best. Assholes like Tom Brokaw butter themselves thickly in faux gravitas and self-admiration. Not Matthews. He’s cocksure, yes but he’s also flip, and self-depcrating. For Matthews politics as a horse race — a brutish, ugly business that’s exhilarating to watch– and he is it’s effusive announcer.

He has some lady troubles, no doubt. He compliments and flirts on camera. But I’d rather see that old-timey misogyny than the moth eaten Brokaw or insincere and perptually incredulous Anderson Cooper.

After the jump are Mattews best moments And proof of my proposition! HA!

1. “Answer the question, Congresswoman: do you believe liberals are anti-American?”

2. “You don’t know what you’re talking about do you?”

3. “You’re trying to take off your [GOP] uniform and run from the battlefield!”

4. “Don’t come to this show with untruths!”

5. “It’s so obvious to everyone that you’re changing the subject”


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