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I’m not shy about such statements: Let The Mormon Bashing Continue!

11.14.08 by Sarah | 11 Comments | Digg This

Sentiment against the LDS is running pretty high in certain California circles right now. As much as I admire groups like Mormons for Marriage and Feminist Mormon Housewives, I understand the feeling. Lest I be called a hypocrite for yesterday’s post where I said that bigotry could not be used to fight another type of bigotry, the backlash against black voters “passing” Prop 8 is mistaken, and that’s my main beef with it. Blaming the Mormons (by which I mean their church hierarchy, which poured $22 million into the Yes on 8 campaign) is not.

This week I find myself even more inclined to declare their religion, with its baptism of dead non-Mormons and North American Jesus and magical golden plates, to be a stupid crock of shit; and to cordially invite any Mormons that take offense at this to blow me.

As the late, great George Carlin would point out with great relish: one’s religion is something quite different than race or ethnicity and should hardly fall into the “protected” category of the latter. You are born into and involuntarily remain in this or that ethnic group. It seems sort of unfair to bash anyone for that.

Or to put it more bluntly let us to turn to Dan Savage

The proper response to religious opposition to choice or love or death can be reduced to a series of bumper stickers: Don’t approve of abortion? Don’t have one. Don’t approve of gay marriage? Don’t have one. Don’t approve of physician-assisted suicide? For Christ’s sake, don’t have one. But don’t tell me I can’t have one—each one—because it offends your God.

Fuck your God.

See Savage disembowel an anti-gay marriage pundit!


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