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Suck it, Leibovitz: Here’s How You Successfully Do a Celebrity Photospread

11.21.08 by Natasha | 16 Comments | Digg This

Somehow in the midst of our technological revolution where people have free access to an ass-load (scientific metric) of glorious, original content, magazine publishers, photographers, movie producers seem to be fresh out of ideas! So much shit that gluts the airwaves and glossy rags is pathetic rehashing of something that was once loved. It’s cheap and unimaginative. Exhibit A: New Stars, Posing Like Old Stars, in A 2008 Copy of Vanity Fair.

These vibrant actors don’t inspire you to do anything new? Something we haven’t seen before? You’re just gonna keep dick-riding poor old ‘Hitch until we excavate his corpse and give it a reality TV show deal?


Just don’t even bother trying! Like this Johnn Hamm spread in GQ. As much as envy that wheat brushing up aganist Hamm’s nether region, and the lucky straw moistened by his perfect lips the DULLNESS of this spread killed my hard on. I’ve seen American Eagle Outfitters adds that take more risks than this milquetoast bulllsshhhiittt.

But much like a Julia Alison endorsed cleanse after toxin feast, this spread (heh) of the Roseanne cast in Entertainment Weekly is fresh and invigorating. It works so well because it captures the mood of the show: cozy, familiar, low-brow without being too sitcom-y. They could have dressed up John Goodman like Jackie Gleason and done a whole Honeyomers scene. But they didn’t! They avoided the obvious and cliche and came up with a smart concept that has a lush look. So there you have it! ENTERAINMENT WEEKLY IS ON THE CUTTING EDGE OF CULTURAL PRODUCTION Y’ALL! Have a great fucking weekend!

Thanks to Bohemea and Adam for the pickshures!


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