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“Put a Ring on It!” And By “It” We Mean Our Vaginas: A Renaissance in Vag-Product Advertising

11.24.08 by Natasha | 6 Comments | Digg This

Hey remember this one: the 30 second Vagisil ad that flashed images of skunks, crusteans, and fishies to convince ladies their lack of freshness could be related to CROTCH ROT? Deviously, that little ad managed to encapsulate all the ancient, terrifying notions of Vaginas: bleedy, mysterious pits of danger and stench.

But there’s great news on the kitty-cage front! There’s been a bunch of smart, cheeky lady-product ads! Like this one: No summer dresses, unicorns in meadows, or blue liquid splashing against a mattress sized diapers. It’s just footage of a French chick playing with her BEAVER.

Delicious wasn’t it? Enlightened even! Now it gets better. You know those catty Yaz commercials where the perfect bitchy doctor tries to school all her skanky friends who are just trying to get their hump on at Hyde with her “blah blah blah you shouldn’t smoke when pop birth control pills. No I’m not judging you at all!” Listen, Harvard, sit the the fuck down and watch this ill ass commercial that makes me want to stick all sorts of plastic thingies in my choocha.

This is Slate‘s take on the ad:

the lighthearted details to suggest that birth control can be a no-sweat part of your life. It shrewdly portrays the pill as an old-fashioned fuddy-duddy, something out of your mother’s or even grandmother’s youth, like a one-piece bathing costume, a swim cap, even synchronized swimming, an activity that prizes conformity over individualism.

So true! I rock the ring and I’m mos def happier for it. Truth in advertising thrills me! Do not take my exclaimtion points as indicators of sarcasm! I ENDORSE THIS PRODUCT AND ITS MAVERICKY MAD MEN.

And then of course. There’s this. Pay close attention.

Today we all have shame-caves.


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