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Blue State Winner: Jesus Christ! Why is ‘Hipster Runoff’ So Fucking Good??

11.25.08 by Natasha | 4 Comments | Digg This

Hipster Runoff is one of my favorite blogs.

Ever since Alex Blagg’s weekly hiptard hatefest, Blue States Lose went off-line there’s been an emptiness inside of me that no smutty LA photoblog can fill (really though, BSL is what originally got me hooked on Gawker. If you’ve never read it you’ve been denying yourself an exquisite pleasure of the most sadistic order. Here’s my favorite “Lord Cheetahpants Tennyshoes” )

Ok! Now back to tonguing another blogger’s asshole: Carles of Hipster Runoff.

So when I came across it I nearly split my skin tight heroin jeans with excitement. It’s satire done perfectly. It makes me gasp from laughter while it turns my tummy because there’s something ugly and true there; What’s so paradoxical about the hipster aesthetic is that its all made to look accidental. Like some CAL-ARTS drop out just HAPPENED to throw on a red flannel Appalachian rapist tshirt, 2 dollar lens-free Medicaid glasses, and an aloof stare.

But its all so PAINFULLY deliberated over.

Each accessory is part of a hierarchy of alt-ness. Every piece of ironic flair you takes you up further on the hipster ladder ( i know because I own a pair of Nike Hightops.) The hand-wringing that Carles does when he decides to up the alt ante is so painfully acute– like: “Yall. Im Thinking About Doing Blow 4the 1st Time. And of course what also makes HRO so rich are the spankings that Carles delivers to self-aware fans like, well, us:. :

Yall. HRO is a unique place. I make up a lot of original stuff. I talk about important concepts. I am there for you. There is nothing wrong with cobranding your personal brand with the HIPSTER RUNOFF lifestyle brand. Don’t let n e 1 give u shit 4 it.


It is okay to talk like me. Talking like Carles/HRO makes u normal+self-aware+authentic.

There’s another META element that also makes me to loyal Carles: the idea of being a hipster “aka” member of the counterculture — a subgroup outside mainstream music, fashion, and stuffy norms — that mocks the mainstream system that they so desperately need to compare themselves aganist. Counter culture =alt culture= consumer culture=mainstream. Anyways, I hope U GET IT.


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