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“Soon Claudia’s gay brother Tommy turns up with a new friend named Leo Fish.”: My Favorite Holiday Movie

11.26.08 by Natasha | 2 Comments | Digg This

It’s gotta be “Home For the Holidays“.

If you have HBO you’ve seen it. Maybe you’ve only caught snatches here and there but do US ALL A FAVOR and TiVo that bitch and before you slip into your Yam Coma.

There’s a thousand reasons to love this movie. Its honest, understated, and familiar without being cliche. But my favorite part of the movie is Robert Downey Junior. This was filmed when his second career comeback was wanning. He has none of the swagger. He uses no conceit to get by in this movie. He’s bloated and broken. All of his vulnerability shows. But its playful and not self-pitying. Ah it makes me all melty! I love this movie so much. .

Yes, yes but what does big daddy E have to say about it?

There is a point in Jodie Foster‘s “Home for the Holidays” when a brother and his brother-in-law are fighting on the front lawn while the father tries to break it up by wetting them down with a garden hose. Looking across the street at the neighbors gawking, the father snarls, “Go back to your own goddamn holidays!”

The movie, which is about the Thanksgiving family reunion from hell, is not exactly a comedy and yet not a drama, either. Like many family reunions, it has a little of both elements, and the strong sense that madness is being held just out of sight. Have we not all, on our ways to family gatherings, parked the car a block away, taken several deep breaths, rubbed our eyes and massaged our temples, and driven on, gritting our teeth? That is not because we do not love our families, but because we know them so very, very well.


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