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The best minds of my generation = NOT whoever cast James Franco as Allen Ginsberg

12.02.08 by Sascha | 21 Comments | Digg This

Look, I know. I know this exactly what every one said about Ledger and the Joker. And I KNOW! But, seriously guys. Come onnnn!

Just because Franco takes creative writing classes at UCLA Extension doesn’t mean he’s serious and bookish. Just because he once played James Dean doesn’t mean he can automatically be any given rebellious
figure from the same time period. And just cause he’s willing (eager?) to play gay doesn’t mean he should get dibs on every male character that at some point had balls in its mouth.

Ginsberg was lumpy, furry, and awkward. Also, Jewish. Sometimes ethnicity is important when portraying real people (sorry Todd Haynes!) Why are they goying up a fine hebrew boy? Why not give Jason Biggs the Come back he deserves?

If Franco needs to be in this movie, he should play Neal Cassady, the good-looking companion/fuck buddy of Ginsberg and Kerouac. Much better. I just fucking fixed this whole movie.

On a side note, how long until Scarjo plays Emma Goldman?


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