Let's Get An '08 Ball And Do Some Party Lines

Why the “No on Prop 8” Gays Blew It: Hahah See What I Did There?!

12.03.08 by Ande | 2 Comments | Digg This

The “No on 8” campaign was a total fucking failure it’s important to point out what blown opportunity it was. With ballot fights it really comes down to the ground game. I volunteered for the Obama campaign and the No on 8 campaign and the stark contrasts in organization (or lack there of on the No on 8 side) were mind blowing (you guys, so many blowjay metaphors). 

The Obama campaign was organized from the ground up. Following basic and easy scripts, we made phone calls to swing states to track registered voters. Once those supporters were identified they were taken off the our list and left alone. The campaign focused a great deal of its attention on the undecided. Those voters would receive a knock on their door in a few weeks by other campaign volunteers hoping to persuade them to vote for Obama. Or in the case of Natasha and I, we knocked on supporters doors on election day and made sure those voters knew where their polling place was and that they needed to vote, like now. In the end, it all came together beautifully.

No on 8 on the other hand had no idea what their strategy was. On my first night of phone banking, we were given a complicated and unnatural sounding script with the intention of tracking voters similar to that of the Obama campaign. After a weird intro identifying ourselves to callers, we were supposed to get the conversation going by asking, “So perfect stranger on the telephone, tell me how you feel about gay marriage.” It was uncomfortable on both sides.

On another night, the scripts were morphed into such chaotic messes that I honestly had no idea what kind of information I was supposed to be getting from people on the other end, or telling them. The No on 8 “team captains” felt our frustration and told us instead to just call our friends and relatives and remind them to vote on election day. Meanwhile a guy in a clipboard was running around trying to get us to give up a night of phone banking and instead stand on a street corner, in WEST HOLLYWOOD no less, holding signs that said, “Vote No on 8.” I mean, really.

The confusion, preaching to the choir, and lack of a clear message was the real downfall of the campaign. How were we supposed to get our message across when we weren’t sure what the message even was. In reality, the message was as simple as the Facebook group “Against Gay Marriage? Then Don’t Have One and Shut the Fuck Up.” But that simplicity got lost along the way. Toes weren’t stepped on. Emotions weren’t invoked. Human rights as civil rights were ignored.  And in the end, everyone got fucked.

For some more THRILLING ANALYSIS with less mouthsex references check this out this great article in Rolling Stone. 


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