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Slide into my Delorean : ANYONE ELSE REMEMBER KAOANI?

12.09.08 by Sarah | 1 Comment | Digg This

Whatever happened to kaoani, those ubiquitous smiley bouncing blobs that used to adorn nearly every blog I stumbled across back in my early (circa 2001) blogging days? Either it was a transient phenomenon; or for some reason I was reading a lot of 13-year-old girls’ blogs back then.

It usually went hand-in-hand with aLt CaPs, which also seems to have died a merciful death. Probably because it was such a fucking pain in the ass to type and gave people migraines when they tried ro read it.

The Wikipedia entry for kaoani contains this scintillating description:

Kaoani can take the form of animals, foodstuffs such as rice balls, colorful blobs, colorful blobs dressed as animals, colorful blobs dressed as foodstuffs such as rice balls, colorful blobs dressed as colorful blobs, cartoon characters, colorful blobs dressed as cartoon characters, foodstuffs dressed as animals, animals dressed as colorful blobs, etc.

They were trying to be funny, right? Because that is comedy gold.

You know what I think happened? Kaoani were usurped by Blingees, which seem to have risen in popularity around the time kaoani disappeared.

That was a more innocent time. Now instead of being treated to innocuous little blobs when we blog surf, we run the risk of stumbling unwitting across seizure-inducing horrors like this.

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