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Boner Killer: WTF Team Barry?

12.19.08 by Ande | 6 Comments | Digg This

It was bound to happen. Obama kept reminding us that he’s not perfect, maybe a little too awesome, but certainly not capable of never fucking up. So why does Obama’s first big fuck up feel like a goddamn sucker punch to the heart? Like Bella Swan when her stupid vampire left her in the second book (Here’s Obama defending the fat smug sack of shit Rick Warren.)

By having Rick Warren speak at his inauguration and then defending his right to be there, Obama has succesfully alienated not only the gays but every other person that voted for him that believes in a woman’s right to choose, social justice, an end to Paris Hilton and Sarah Palin coverage in the press, stem cell research, Fizzy Bubbly, and general tolerance for all human beings. And what about the separation of Church and State? If CHANGE is what the Obama administration is supposed to be all about, why not do away with the tradition of having a religious leader speak at inaugurations anyway?

Wonkette cuts right to the chase of why this symbolic gesture sucks so much:

It was a dick move by Obama, mostly because of all the very recent publicity Warren has received for helping out-of-state Mormons amend the California state constitution to dissolve civil marriages between consenting same-sex adults who live together in private. This was an evil thing, Prop 8, evil and immoral and incredibly hurtful to a lot of people. And when Obama brings in someone so attached to this current ugliness as Warren to give a speech at his Presidential Ceremony, that’s an unusually cruel and timely reminder to the gay community that the Democratic Party will not push for their “equal rights;” for Obama to claim otherwise at this press conference is a lie.

Come on Barry, don’t make me throw out my Yes We Can hoodie or take you out of my fantasies. Fix this!

If this fool Warren makes you mad you can write to Team Barry here:


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