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The Shame-Cave Awards: Our Favorite Cat-Bag Carrying Lady Bloggers

12.29.08 by Natasha | 4 Comments | Digg This

In the enchanted land of Internet there is a province named Blogistan. Deep in the gullies and caves of Blogistan dwell remarkable creatures: Lady Bloggers.

The Lady Bloggers are a small, industrious tribe who are largely defined by their sparkling humor and voracious wit. The nymphs of Blogistan are rare because unlike most women who populate the Internet they don’t  rely on webcams, lipdubs, or images of their labia to cultivate an audience. Instead they use, well, WORDS. We covet and salute them.

SO! Put on some Kathleen Hannah, slip out of those skinny jeans and enjoy our favorite, lesser known and therefore all the more precious Lady Bloggers.

The Kitty-Cage Awards! YAAAY!! 



Liana: Tumblr Maven 

This girl understands the medium. Her posts are succient, succulent morsels of funny. An observant Angelino whose quips about TeeVee, hiptards, and wildfires are a total delight. I want to try on Liana’s clothes and be her bestie. 

SF Weekly’s: Heartless Dolls 

I hate San Francisco.  I want their micro-greens poisoned, and their community murals decimated. But if I could save a handful of people it would be the ladies over at SF Weekly’s Heartless Doll blog. Their commentary on sex, gender, the webs has all the irreverence and dishy-ness that made you love Jezebel (without the slew of self-important commenters. sorry, jezzies, LYLASz).



Sara McPherson: Unicorn Lover

This chick is a gasp of fresh air during my neon-flooded cubicle days. Her tumblr is a perfect blend of cheeky humor, pop culture, and sesnitive smart girl zingers. Such as: “
I need a hug that feels the way hot apple cider tastes.” Oof! She cuts to the core of me! Follow her now.



 Julie Klausner – Professional Funny Maker

Writer, comedienne, owl enthusiast. JK is mos def a rising star on the sketch comedy scene. Lucky for us her blog is not some self-promotional blurb fest.  It’s filled with hilarious lists, quirky videos, and general brillz. Here’s a taste from her Hero’s/Villans list of 2008:

Sharks, put simply, are evil loners with rows of teeth made out of knives. They hate me and you, and sometimes they rape baby seals just for fun. Which doesn’t sound too bad until you remember that they have guns for dicks. “

 Michelle Collins : Best Week Ever.

Do I even need to tell you about MC? If you don’t already read her I demand blood atonement for crimes against shame-cave owners. She’s the editor of the Best Week Ever blog which is the best, I mean this because i read 679 of them, THE BEST pop culture blog. I’d kill a basket of babies to write headlines like her (white babies).

 Lindsay Robertson: Videogum

There’s a scene towards the end of “Whose afraid of Virginia Woolf” where the sadomasochistic couple George and Martha sit together and peel the labels off of beer bottles while they take the piss out of each other (METAPHOR, MOTHERFUCKERS). The scene is hilarious/heartbreaking and the climax of the play. Well you can get that kind of epic literary climax every Friday with “Lindsay and Gabe’s Friday Fight” on Videogum While the subject matter may be Don Draper, Sphaghetti Cat or any other ephemera it’s still every bit as incisive, high-minded, and riotously funny. Suck it, Albee. 

Sarah K Smith : Wonkette

Have you The Road, or Blindness? Or any other post-apocalyptic treatise about the triumph of the human spirit despite the soul-crushing abyss that engulfs the remaining shred of the human race? Well, that’s Sarah. She’s like a renegade, grenade throwing, take-no-prisoners SURVIVOR of the media blood bath of 2008. Riddled by staff turn over, liquidated by Gawker Media Overlord Nick Denton, discarded by advertisers, she is one of the merry band of scribes that keeps Wonkette alive. Because of her skill (along with Jim and Ken’s) I think this is the best incarnation of Wonkette yet. Here’s my favorite Sarah post.

Other ladies we love Kelly Reeves, Katie Bakes, Bohemea, and Julia Baugher.


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