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Fake Whiskey Watch 2009: “The Knot” Tries to Sell Dick Syrup as Whiskey

02.19.09 by Matty | 1 Comment | Digg This

Dear Sirs,

I recently came across your “Irish Whiskey Liqueur” in the Irish Whiskey section of a liquor store, and was moved by the sentiments of serious drinking and commitment to one’s alcohol expressed upon the label. When I opened the bottle and smelled its contents, I was confused by hints of vanilla and floral notes, and my first sips confirmed my sneaking suspicion: this was not whiskey. I picked up the bottle and searched it for that one word of reassurance: “WHISKEY.” This I did not find.

You, sirs, are frauds. As an Irishman, I am dismayed that your “liqueur” is able to masquerade as good, upstanding irish whiskey, what with the sweetness and the rum smell, and the very unwhiskeylike hangover it left me with the following day.

Kindly make amends to your label: either enlarge the font on the word “liqueur” which you hid in the bottom right hand corner, or, ideally, state somewhere that the contents is not, in fact, whiskey. Hopefully, another good, upstanding whiskey drinker like myself will not succumb to the same fate.

Disappointedly yours,

ps, eat a dick.

Feel free to check out their website, http://www.shotoftheknot.com, but by all means, don’t fucking buy it. Stick to Jameson’s.

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