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Trailer Trash: “Where the Wild Things Are” Teaser Rated on the Cinephile “Squee!” Scale

03.25.09 by The Royal 'We' | 2 Comments | Digg This

The trailer is now online over on Apple in HD.


There is a Full Frontal Kevin Bacon in “Wild Things” joke tightly nestled somewhere in here but I have too much dignity to make it. I’m totally resentful of any cherished childhood tome being made into a blockbuster. I have purposefully ignored everything having to do with this movie. But watching this trailer, gotta admit, I’m melty, excited, and think it can be incredible in a soul-rapey, HOLY FUCK WHATEVER HAPPENED TO SENSE OF WHIMSY?? kind of way. VERDICT: Audible High Pictched “squee” but Muffled Beneath Wes Anderson-Induced Skepticism


As someone who starred as Max (the boy in the wolf suit) in an interpretive dance version of “Where The Wild Things Are” when I was 7, I am psyched. The part of me that feels scorched over “Watchmen” is a little weary, but Spike Jonze is an artist and not a mere spray valve for the gleaming phlem of our cultural id, so I’m definitely leaning hopeful. Speaking of which, that moment at 0:52 ish where the choir kicks in and the word “HOPE” takes over the whole screen simultaneously spiderwebs me with tears of joy while making me gag because it’s so tactless. However, that might be missing the point since we’re already in “Judicious use of ‘Wake Up'” territory. VERDICT: A Cold and a Broken Hallelu-Squee!


I want to like it. But it’s had a LOT of production problems, which is usually code for “looks like it was shot and edited by film school kids who went over budget in the name of being ‘dark and sophisticated'”. Plus, and I know this is PROFOUNDLY UNHIP of me, but I hate Spike Jonze. Being John Malkovich and Adaptation both sucked big sweaty ballz. VERDICT: More of a Snort than a Squee.


I’m uncomfortable with the big Furry’s resemblance to Mickey Rourke, I’m pretty sure the opening sound effect is a file I’ve used before called “brontosaurus wail,” and the twee hipster orgasm potential is repulsive. Nevertheless, this movie will probably make me bawl my eyes out. VERDICT: hesitant “Squee!” That Melts Away in to a Reflective Sigh


I didn’t really grow up with this book. I knew about it, but didn’t care. I was more of a Judy Blume’s “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing” kid. So am I geeking out over a turtle looking child hugging monsters over and over while the lineup for Coachella plays wistfully in the background – no. Does a Spike Jonze/Dave Eggers collaboration make me tingle – yes. VERDICT: The Universal “SqueeMeh.”


Wait, what, you made me watch that and it doesn’t come out until October? How the hell am I supposed to live with myself until then?

By just making it to the screen, I am going to have to re-examine an important book from my childhood, I decide that it really was as special as my little brain thought it was, then trust that precious childhood memory to Hollywood? That’s more potential disillusionment than I really wanted to bear for the next seven months. VERDICT: The Most Elusive Silent Squee.


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