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“Yo Dawg I Heard You Liked Iguanas”: Cage’s New Movie Makes Heaven of Hell. OR VICE VERSA?!??

05.28.09 by Natasha | 12 Comments | Digg This

It’s a known fact that we here at PSI headquarters in Milan are ardent Nicolas Cage boosters. We unironically love this man. When he decides to act, he’s electric. When he decides to go on auto-pilot he’s still an engrossing spectacle to watch because he’s like kind of idiot savant unaware that there seems to be a movie going on around him. But sometimes he has unbelievably good taste in film, he makes unconventional character choices and adds a level of nuance to a role that only a master actor could do (read: Adaptation). Sweating, awkward, sincere, in the right kind of frenzy he can spin off like a top and it’s dazzling to watch.

Um, you can guess which category his new movie (a remake of a classic Keitel Peen Flick Bad Lieutenant) falls into:



Also, do people even do coke anymore? And do they still rub it on their teeth to check quality? Isn’t that something people just did in Bret Easton Ellis books to illustrate the pulsating nihilism of the youth culture in the 80’s? Most importantly, does any one know where I can score some decent blow these days? Anyways, back to a simpler time: 1992. Below is the trailer for the original Bad Lieuatenant directed by Abel Ferrera.  which Big Daddy E (Robert Ebert) said of the Keitel and the movie

Keitel starred in Scorsese’s first film and has spent the last 25 years taking more chances with scripts and directors than any other major actor. He has the nerve to tackle roles like this, that other actors, even those with street images, would shy away from. He bares everything here – his body, yes, but also his weaknesses, his hungers. It is a performance given without reservation.

The film has the NC-17 rating, for adults only, and that is appropriate. But it is not a “dirty movie,” and in fact takes spirituality and morality more seriously than most films do. And in the bad lieutenant, Keitel has given us one of the great screen performances in recent years.



Either way, we’re calling shenanigans if we don’t see Cage’s ween. 


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