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Here’s the basic formula: 

Take pretty much anything  

* Add Fuck Yeah! to the front of it.  

* Now start a tumblr full of related ephemera.  

* Adding captions/ scrawling in Impact is also an option.  

Now, this may sound daunting.  But the dirty little secret of Fuck Yeah! is that there’s no real obligation to be good.  As a meme, it’s a perfect storm: deeply dumb, posited as smart by virtue of it’s implicit irony, and as theoretically unstoppable as IT IS INFINITE (fuckyeahperpetuity!). What is so objectionable is that Fuckyeahs use irony as a defense mechanism to dodge the need to have something to say.

 You don’t ever say “Damn, that was a pretty weak string of Ryan Gosling stills… UNFOLLOW”

Fuck Yeah, Puppies! would literally have to post nothing but mysterious Korean kebabs for a week in order to alienate people because, assuming you are generally pro-puppy, there’s no such thing as a bad picture of a puppy.  At a basic level, Fuck Yeahs! are a thing to spice a feed with; quite a few don’t get old because they’re broad enough.  However, a trip through the Fuck Yeah! Sharks archive will make sharks numbing to you in a way that even the worst documentary couldn’t.


It’s like the thing that ruined bacon; insubstantial enthusiasm in place of personality or even a point to make.  The Fuckyeahs are essentially a cheap way to graft something to your personal brand and create a perception of edge/energy that’s a kind of scam.  Suddenly, you are cool and edgy like a wizard by association without having to actually know or risk anything. You don’t leave fuckyeah sharks understanding but you leave feeling simultaneously clever but lightly beatified cause “yeah, I stuck it to irony.  I really think sharks are awesome.” when, if anything, it’s just made you incrementally dumber. 


A truly good Fuck Yeah! has to keep upping the ante by adding either drama or diversity, otherwise it just ends up devolving into room temperature pop porn. Fuck Yeah! PokeMeme did a smart thing last week when they laid out a dozen and a half or so text-free PokeParent backgrounds (with captions about each theoretical PokeParent underneath) and asked for reader submissions.  Of course, there are plenty of other ways to push the formula forward (or who knows, maybe tumblr isn’t fundamentally gunning for Wondershowzen territory).  Plus, the nature of memes is to evolve and Fuck Yeah! still has time to mutate, that is if the empty randomness singularity formed by the existence of  Fuck Yeah! Family Guy doesn’t swallow us all whole first.


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