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A Nation Turns its lonely eyes to Radar Online: Douche, is it FINALLY time to bag it?!

07.29.08 by Sarah | Comment? | Digg This

Radar parses the etymology and examines the reborn supremacy of the insult “douchebag”.

We’ve struggled with the use of this term for ages (since like, last October at least!).

Does it make us bad feminists (Slut Machine says no) ?

Much more importantly is it cliche?

Will the word twatwaffle adequately describe doucheyness? Just when we thought we turn our trampstamped backs on the word, we’ve reconciled ourselves along this lines of thinking:

Douchebags are ridiculous, unnecessary pieces of equipment that cause more harm than good (by raising the pH of the vag douching can cause yeast infections y’all). They were invented by an industry that makes its living by convincing women that their vags are dirty, shameful caves of filth and funk, and no man will go near them unless they spend thousands of yearly dollars and countless hours obsessively grooming every square inch of it.

Which we think is pretty fucked.

I’m quite fond of it myself, and don’t hold with the argument that it’s anti-feminine to use it. It doesn’t seek to denigrate the receiver by bestowing something feminine on him, such as the insult “pussy”, which either consciously or unconsciously carries the judgment that feminine = inferior.

THUS we can think of no better perjorative to hurl at douchebags such as this (why twatwaffle never took off we’ll have no idea). Gawker has declared a moratorium on it and is asking readers to come up with its heir apparent, to which I can only reply: Don’t be a bunch of douchebags. It’s not going away anytime soon.

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