So Bush League: Iran Sez “LOL, J/K” After Photoshopping Their Missile Launch Photos

07.10.08 by Matty | 1 Comment | Digg This

In the wake of Iran’s controversial missile launch, news organizations are noticing that the images on the front pages of major newspapers and websites don’t match the pictures being distributed by the AP. Crazy part is they both come from the same source: Sepah News, the media arm of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. Whoops?

From a quick look at the photos, below, it looks like one of Iran’s missiles didn’t fire. Rather than mumble an apology and something about having too much to drink and this being their first time, they just photoshopped the impotent launcher out and added another dust cloud and launched missile. That photo got released on Wednesday; they apparently changed their minds and released the REAL photo on Thursday.

Busted. Left: the “digitally altered” image released by Sepah News to Agence France-Presse on Wednesday. Right, the supposedly real image released by the same source to The Associated Press on Thursday.

Now, I understand how this kind of thing could happen. One guy thinks we’re lying about it, one guy thinks we’re owning up, and these two guys don’t fully communicate their intentions. Happens all the time. But really? It happens all the time with little bullshit like where you went for lunch. IT DOES NOT HAPPEN ALL THE TIME WHEN YOU’RE PROPAGATING GOVERNMENT-SPONSORED MISINFORMATION. What is this, Amateur night?

And I’m supposed to believe, furthermore, that you were able to hide weapons of mass destruction? They were never here. I mean they were, but not anymore. We put them away into silos, No, wait, I mean we destroyed them. Yeah. Destroyed. What? Oh, uhhh, I thought you were talking about my dinner leftovers. WMDs? No, they were never here.

I think Commenter #38 over at NYTimes.com really summed it up best:

This is an example of very sloppy photo editing. It dovetails beautifully with current levels of very sloppy journalism. Perhaps we can show the photo to our very sloppy president so that he can use it as grist for another very sloppy war.

Now just sit back and wait for the bureaucratic doublespeak excuses and Fark! “photoshop this photoshopped missile launch” contest submissions to start rollin’ in.

UPDATE: This isn’t the first time Iran has photoshopped their military arsenal to make themselvews look more formidable. [via Photoshelter]

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