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Aww, Lookit The Lady Bloggers Try To Do Cute Things, Like Matter

08.01.08 by Sarah | 1 Comment | Digg This

The New York Times is in fine paternal head-pat form in this article about how kyoot teh laydeez are when they try to do manly things like blog. First, and naturally, it’s in the “Fashion & Style” section, the pink ghetto of all things vag-scented and sparkly; even though this article about blogging-related stress from April (in which every single blogger referenced or interviewed is male) is in the “Technology” section.

It’s mostly coverage of the BlogHer conference, which was just last week. The Times chooses to focus on the fluffier aspects of it such as makeovers, massage, and lactation rooms. It does mention last year’s discussion of women bloggers being the receivers of particularly vile trolling, with the dismissive phrase “flurry of discussion”.

A few months before last year’s conference, Kathy Sierra, a technology blogger, received death threats from commenters on a variety of blogs. It prompted a flurry of discussion at BlogHer about whether women were the targets of particularly vituperative online attacks.

Because us *~CrAzYyY GiRLlZZ *~ discuss the death and rape threats Kathy Sierra received last year with exactly the same emotional depth and intensity with which we hash over the Sex & The City movie. And then they all “moved on to other issues, such as gaining influence and making money.” Right NYT, because It’s not as the two subjects are entirely unrelated. I’m pretty sure it would be hard for you to perform your job well if your co-workers kept popping into your office every ten minutes to tell you what they think of your new haircut, your waist line, how great Dark Knight was, where you could find penis enlarging pills, and um, threatening your life.

And then BlogHer wrapped up with a group topless pillow fight while lyp-synching Aretha Franklin’s “Respect”, and they all skipped off arm-in-arm to go shoe-shopping and withold sex from our lawyer husbands who subsidize our blogging career

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