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Lube Sheep: Sarah is our Own Rainbow Riot of Love and Hate

08.08.08 by Sarah | 1 Comment | Digg This

Simply Put, FREESTYLE!!!

–One of my more esoteric hobbies is bento. For this I have a variety of boxes purchased at various ¥100 stores. Did you know the best-selling brand of such boxes exported from Japan is named “Lube Sheep“?

Simply put, Lube Sheep is the most poetic product name that has ever, or will ever, exist.

This scene from Wet Hot American Summer. We all know Chris Meloni as Detective Elliot “Rageaholic” Stabler from Law & Order: Illegal Poontang. But have you ever seen him in Wet Hot American Summer? Simply put, it’s the greatest portayal of a perverted, wacked-out ‘Nam vet who gets some very moving advice from his best friend, a can of mixed vegetables, ever put on celluloid.

Denzel Washington, whatevs. You got robbed, Meloni!

— It’s been an unusually chilly August here in the Bay Area, even after the fog burns off. (“It’ll burn off by noon” is our official area motto.) But the facilities department has the A/C on so high I can practically see my breath. Their advice when I complain? “Get a space heater”. Simply put, my employers are the reason polar bears are going to start needing some swimming lessons pretty soon.

–Fuck all this celebrity ghostblogging shit. You know what quote-unquote celebrity I am convinced writes her own blog? Bai Motherfuckin’ Ling. Simply put: She writes exactly like she dresses.

Felt out of touch in Hollywood, its been a while since last I went to a party, strange feelings, I like go party and also can live without it, I am not very good at the parties, lot of people there from Hollywood, but you never know who is who and who is real and who is really doing anything or say what they are doing is what they are actrully doing, I don’t like to talk with so many people that just for the sick of talking, the guy’s in the band are nice, they still kind of innocent and humble in the way.

–Man, I knew there was something fishy going on with that whole Jezebel/Thinking & Drinking meltdown. Tracie “Slut Machine” Egan is finally allowed to give an interview about it, and simply put: Lizz Winstead is a catty old bitch who’s threatened by the younger generation of feminists, and engineered a controversy to get some free publicity (and maybe some $$$) for her crappy public access show.

Making yourself look clever at the expense of other women isn’t my idea of feminism, Lizz.

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