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Stuff a White Person Likes: Ande Refuses To Resist Your Stereotypes

08.08.08 by Ande | 1 Comment | Digg This

I could do this all day…

5 things I love. Simply Put.

1. Freaks and Geeks – The only Apatow production to feature a strong, smart female character – instead of those whiny, bonerkiller chicks he usually features. Plus the show was adorable.

2. Cheese – I am fulfilling a racial stereotype here, but it’s true. White people love cheese. I am white. I love cheese.

3. Californication – Be you straight, gay, female, male, tranny – David Duchovny will put a puddle in your pants.

4. Thailand – Top to bottom a gorgeous,delicious place. The Thais are a bit tricky though. They either love you and sit on your lap upon first meeting and play with your hair – or they’re chasing you on a motorbike after you leave in a huff after refusing to pay some obscene farang-only charge.

5. Anthropomorphosism – If a dog speaks, I laugh. If a dog speaks then farts, I die laughing.

Runners up: iPod, Kate Winslet, Ambien, Drakar Noir circa 1989, dvr, Mark Lisanti, Malia Obama, chips and salsa, and of course the internet – thank you Al Gore for this great invention.

1 Comment

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