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Suck and Blow: Simply Put Things Natasha FUCKING Hates

08.08.08 by Natasha | 9 Comments | Digg This

1.  1. Urban Density-I don’t give a fuck if you can walk to blockbuster, get a slice of pizza, then have some stimulating conversation about fucking Derida at a charming café. Having grey fucking buildings stacked on top of each other and the teeming masses on the bus with me is no way to live, with nary a parking spot in site is bullshit (I’m talking to you Manhattan).

2.   2. The Democratic Party- What preening sniveling little fucks. Pull it together how the fuck did you let us get our asses handed to us for the past 8 years?!!? AND YOU ELECTED CLINTON. CLIN-TON.

3. Good looking men who refuse to make eye contact with me – UM THESE DADDY ISSUES ARENT GOING TO RESOLVE THEMSELVES!! LOOK AT MEEEEE!!!!

4.    4. Punk Rock – I dyed my hair blue for you. I made out with far too many bass players because of you. I spent my entire high school career angry at the “system” because of you. And what do you give me in return? The Vans Warped Tour? HOW DARE YOU?

5–  5. Stay At Home Moms-Being a tyrant over people smaller and younger than you doesn’t impress me. No one’s reading your blog either!


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