Fashion Bloggers and Influencers: Style Inspiration and Brand Collaborations

Fashion Bloggers and Influencers From Vancouver

Fashion bloggers and influencers are individuals who create content on the latest trends. They often partner with clothing brands to promote outfits and accessories.

Alicia Quan has been blogging since 2008. Her style is fun and quirky, and she has a great sense of humor. She is also a yoga instructor and fitness blogger.


Liat is a lifestyle influencer who showcases her everyday style on her Instagram feed. Her style is a mix of basic and bohemian, which makes her outfits unique. You can find more lifestyle influencers from Canada on Ainfluencer.

From cozy cafes to vintage boutiques, Reid’s Instagram is a treat for the eyes! She also has a knack for styling feminine pieces in pastel color palettes.

She started her blog to share her personal style and beauty tips. Now, she’s a recognized blogger, travel influencer, and beauty and fashion YouTuber. Her content is relatable, helpful, and inspiring! She also shares her favorite beauty products and newest styles.


Samantha is a fashion blogger who has a unique style influenced by her various travels. Her casual chic look is inspiring to many. She has a large following on Instagram and collaborates with popular brands.

In season four, Samantha flirts with lesbianism and begins dating an artist named Maria Reyes. She initially only wants to be friends with her but is intrigued by their adventurous, out-of-the-box sex.

During the season five episode Boo, Bitch, Samantha visits MANG at a Fall Fest event. She greets the girls with a smile but is met with apprehensive bitch-stares from Ginny and the rest of the group.


Canadian fashion influencers offer valuable content for a variety of topics. They are great for growing a brand’s following and increasing engagement. They also have expert photography and editing skills that can make clothing photos look sharp.

Tessa has a strong interest in style and often posts fashion trends on her Instagram. She also shares her favorite products and beauty tips. Her Instagram page is a veritable rainbow of color palettes and bold prints.

Tessa once Changed into Jessamine to sneak into Benedict Lightwood’s house. Later, Sophie Collins approached her with a masked ball invitation for Jessamine, which Tessa recognized. This led to a fight, in which she was injured.


Cristina is an influencer that shares a mix of styling tutorials, fashion shoots and her journey as a blogger. She has a casual chic style that is perfect for any occasion.

Alicia Quan is proof that you can be stylish without breaking the bank. Her blog features a mix of European minimalism and poetic edge.

She also shares her travel experiences and a bit of personal life in her Instagram feed. She’s an excellent choice for brands looking to connect with a younger audience.


Fashion bloggers create content about fashion trends and style on their blogs or social media. They may also collaborate with fashion brands to promote their clothing. Fashion influencers are often known for their authoritative opinion on styles and must-have items.

Jenny has amassed a loyal following for her daily outfit posts and relevant, profound writing pieces. Her blog has been featured in numerous publications and she’s worked with many brands including Roots Canada, Aritzia and FASHION Magazine. She is also a popular TikTok Influencer with over 109k engaged followers. Her fashion and beauty posts are fun and fresh and inspire her followers to embrace their style.


Lisa is one of the best fashion bloggers from Vancouver for her casual chic look. She has a relaxed and friendly personality that attracts followers. She also has a strong sense of identity and isn’t afraid to show her flaws.

Her blog is filled with styling tutorials and outfits that are a must-see for fashion enthusiasts. She also shares beauty tips and travel experiences.

She has a knack for making every picture unique and captivating. Her photos convey moods remarkably well, making them an Instagram feast for the eyes. She is a big fan of Indochino and has endorsement deals with several brands.

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