Build a Fashion Blog and Learn HTML, CSS, jQuery, and Bootstrap with Codecademy

Learn How to Build a Fashion Blog at Codecademy

The site’s design is sterile and features little imagery, but this isn’t necessarily a detriment given its subject matter. The courses and paths are practical how-tos that teach you to code in a variety of languages.

Novices will appreciate that lessons cut through technical jargon and focus on the practical. Students can track their progress online and compete against others in a fun, challenging way.

Learn HTML

Learn HTML, one of the most important languages in coding and programming. It is the foundation for creating web pages and can be used in conjunction with other coding languages like CSS, JavaScript, and more. This course teaches the most basic components of HTML, including its elements and structure. It also covers the common tags that are used to structure HTML pages, which form the skeleton of all websites. In addition, you will learn how to create HTML tables to present tabular data efficiently.

This free online learning platform offers interactive lessons and quizzes to help you build a solid understanding of the fundamentals of this programming language. It also features projects and challenges based on real-world scenarios to provide you with practical experience in front-end web development. Moreover, it also offers additional courses and resources to help you advance your skills in coding and become an expert developer. The lessons are designed to be accessible for beginners and can be completed in a short amount of time.

Learn CSS

Codecademy’s learning experience for CSS takes you from beginner to advanced. Learn to make your website responsive for a variety of screen sizes using flexible layouts, advanced font and color styling, and the power of CSS3 transitions and animations. Discover how to make your website more semantic with HTML tables, and expand your skills with SCSS syntax, nesting, and functions. And finally, master how to publish your site to the web with Jekyll and GitHub Pages.

Learn jQuery

A jQuery library can be a useful tool for implementing functionality to your HTML and CSS. However, it’s also not a replacement for learning the fundamentals. Read up on Javascript and jQuery, and practice writing small bits of code to get your hands dirty. Try creating a simple jQuery plugin, like a custom tooltip. Then, take on a more challenging project, like building a back-to-top animated page scrolling or a full blown image gallery. Practice makes perfect. And remember to Google everything! It’s the best way to learn. And always be sure to test your code! You never know what might be wrong with it.

Learn Bootstrap

The Fashion Blog course is a great place to start for anyone interested in learning HTML and CSS. You’ll also learn Bootstrap, one of the most popular front-end frameworks, that will help you quickly layout and style your website.

I’m new to coding and I’ve been doing the Fashion Blog lessons. I’m having a problem with the 10th task, where it says “There is an error in this code.” Any ideas what I’m doing wrong? Thanks! – stetim94. (Sorry about the typos). You’re doing a fantastic job though. You’re going to be a great developer. Best of luck! -Ty.)

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